Monday, June 18, 2018

Apple announces macOS Mojave

Colin Morton
Staff Writer

Along with the new iOS 12 software updates, Apple has also announced that they will be bringing new features to all computers using macOS.  Some of these changes are cosmetic, for example the Mac lock screen will have a larger font and profile picture. However, there are quite a few new apps that will be readily available when the macOS 10.14 update comes out.  Apple created a new, more user friendly version of their DVD player app, and it only runs on 64-bit systems. Apple decided to make that change because they dropped all support for 32-bit systems.
    The name of the new macOS software is “Mojave.”  Mojave provides a “dark mode” to the user, and it automatically adjusts the brightness throughout the day.  It also allows the user to stack applications, using a feature called Stacks, on their desktop to organize files without creating folders.  Apple made it so their quick look is a photo editor too! The photo editor took some cues from Google Photos in that it will now create stylized photos and clips for you. Without opening some application to edit photos, you can just draw on the picture in a quick view of it!
    Apple is fourth largest computer company in the world. A leader in hardware and software, they are making sure that they stay that way with these new software updates.

Revolutionary new 3D printer

Colin Morton
Staff Writer

Hewlett-Packard, more known as HP, is a widely known technology company that focuses on bettering the software in PCs.  However, recently there has been word that they are constructing a 3D printer that will revolutionize the world of 3D printing.  This printer is still a work in progress, and its engineers are located at the HP Innovation Center of Barcelona. This printer, in its earliest stages, can fully produce a cost-effective, light, durable biking helmet!
   Rob Enderle, of Tech News World, believes that what HP is doing is, “Just short of magic.”  These advances utilize HP’s imaging tech with their new printing abilities to produce virtually anything.  The products of HP’s 3D printer create these objects that cost one-tenth of what other companies can. This could be the future of quickly mass producing cars and other typically expensive items.  If HP can truly master what they’re working on, it could change the way production is handled.
   It’s assumed that this device won’t be available until 2020.  HP wants to get the new printing technology out to larger corporations before it reaches the open public.  Even when it becomes fully accessible to the public, it will still be a rare item to own. These products will cost between $100,000 - $300,000, price ranges differ according to size.  If students here at NHS had access to this technology, they could make more intricate products to be used in fundraisers. It also connects to career and college readiness and to allow students to better learn what it is like to be a real engineer creating products.

Protecting students: Concussion awareness meetings test athletes to kickoff fall sports

Sydney Luff, Ethan Apparies, and Rachel Saxton
Staff writers

The meeting to kick of fall sports for the 2018-2019 school occurred on Tuesday, June 5. The Athletic Director, Kris Foulke, kicked off the presentation with an enthusiastic start as he warmly welcomed a guest speaker. The presentation consisted of a TED talk as well as several instructions on taking the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing).
    Student athletes are required to take the ImPACT test no matter what sport they are playing. This test is the most popular concussion test taken in high schools.
     The ImPACT test is not meant to measure intelligence. It is supposed to serve as a reference, to understand whether or not someone has a concussion. Due to the sometimes extreme conditions of playing sports, coaches will require an athlete to take the ImPACT test again after a player has hit their head. If the score of the first test varies widely from the second test, the athlete should immediately stop playing their sport and seek medical attention.
    The ImPACT test is providing a safer environment for students.
     Hopefully this helpful tool will prevent diseases like CTE. CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), is a degenerative  disease often found in athletes who have suffered repetitive brain traumas.
     CTE is so common it was found in 110 of 111 deceased NFL Football players. It is extremely important to implement a tool like the ImPACT test to further prevent ourselves from extreme head injuries.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Common sense tips you should take for the AP exam season

Vanessa & Charlotte
Staff Writers
As we move into May, the dreaded Advanced Placement (AP) exams are a major source of concern. The AP exams take place through the first two to three weeks of May, and each test can take anywhere from one to four hours. Many New Hope students will be taking one or more exams in the coming weeks, so here are some things to help you prepare.
  • If the class you are taking the exam in is offering any type of study session or practice exam- take it. This will help you get a sense of what the real test will be like, and is an extra way to study.
  • Make sure to not cram all materials into the night before. Spread out little bits of studying over the next few weeks or days to not overwhelm yourself and your brain.
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before. There is no need to study that night, just relax and mentally prepare.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. The test is long and there are not many breaks, if any. Eat a full meal.
  • Leave your phone at home, it is not allowed. Make sure you have any materials, such as a calculator or pen, with you.
Most importantly, try not to stress too much! These tests do not affect your current school grades, so just try your best!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sponsored Content aims to be bad

Thomas Detlefsen
Staff Writer

One morning, a couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through a news article when I hit the bottom of the page where the sponsored content resides. What I saw there was an ad disguised as a news article titled “New Hope Woman Was Playing On This Free Slot Machine App When All Of A Sudden This Happened.” I looked at it for a second and I wondered, who would click on this in belief that it was an actual news article? So I decided to visit the page and lo and behold, it was a blatant advertisement for an online casino app. Once the article names the app, outlines specific features, and gives only positive comments on the about the app, you realize that it is an ad. It begs the question though, why don’t the people who do this try harder? Why don’t they try to disguise their ad so that people believe that it is a real story?
  The reason functions the same way the classic Nigerian Prince scam email works. A poorly written email narrows down the people who respond to only the most gullible, or the people most likely to send money. The same is true for apps like the one described earlier. The people who download the app are the most gullible and are most likely to make some kind of in app purchase when others would not spend any money.
  The idea is counterintuitive, but effective.This idea is why $1.45 billion was reported lost to scams in 2016 by the internet crime complaint center.

Meet Legislative Correspondent Jeff Finegan

Jen Abele

Jeff Finegan joined as one of the 50 full-time staffers under Senator Hatch on Nov. 13,2017. He graduated from Lafayette College dual majoring in Political Science and German. There are three people between him and his boss. Senator Hatch will be retiring after this year’s term.

What is it like to be a Legislative Correspondent?
 The LA, Legislative Assistant, are the individuals that are responsible for policy formulation in different issue areas. So, in our office, for example, we have an LA that does health care, taxes, social security, budget issues, and military/foreign affairs. You can see that the issues are sort of grouped together. Then what LAs have are the LC, Legislative Correspondent, the job of the Legislative Correspondent is to make sure that constituents from the state who write in about any issue that falls in that portfolio gets an appropriate response. So, if you’re sitting in your house right now and you want to know what Pat Toomey’s position is on something related to the recently passed tax bill, say a provision in the tax bill, you call up the office or email and say. “Senator Toomey I’d like to know how you voted on this or what your opinion is, say on section 104 of the tax bill.”
 The LC is going to get that message, and they’re going to make sure that they formulate a response to you that answers your question. I’m the person in our office who makes sure that the LC gets that message. I check our website, or the track. The track is a correspondent’s system where I can see what issue areas are getting messages from our constituents. I will group those messages to make sure they get to the appropriate staffer.
  It’s also my job to make sure the LC is doing their work. Our office policy is; if you write to Senator Hatch, you will get a response within 14 days. So, what I must do is look at what we have that’s called a ‘queue’. I can go into someone’s queue, see how much correspondence they have assigned to them and look at the date when it was received.
 It’s more of an administrative position. It’s not really a policy creation position, but I got really lucky because it’s my first full time job. I had enough previous internship experiences that when I applied for it and interviewed for this role I got it.

What has Senator Hatch taught you that you have found valuable?
 He’s been in the Senate for 42 years, and he’s been there for quite some time. The one thing truthfully that I can say in an objective manner as possible is you sometimes in the general sense do not agree with him, but he has done a tremendous service to the State of Utah and to his constituents. I think he exhibits statesmanship, [he] has worked across the aisle with Democrats, and [he] has done a lot for the good of the country and the State of Utah.

What’s the best way to get your foot in the door on Capitol Hill?
  That depends on what you want to do. If you want to work on Capitol Hill in legislative processes the best thing is an internship. To put this into perspective usually ten Capitol Hill staffers have nine who have interned on the Hill at least once. Another beautiful part about being on the Hill is that there are all kinds of things present in D.C. like Government Agencies, Big Tax, Non-Profit, Advocacy Networks, and all kinds of different things nearby as well that are important to look into. One good thing that is a common thread, if you will, in D.C. is Hill experience. So you might want to intern at a very very small tight knit non-profit in D.C., but if you’ve interned at Capitol Hill that would likely help you get a career on the Hill. Everyone kinda knows what goes on there, the importance of being there[in D.C. and the Hill], and knowing how the system works.
   Then once you’re on Capitol Hill you can make all sorts of connections and become part of many networks. So, each person sort of takes a different path. The best option is if you genuinely are interested is to pursue your local Representatives. Your Congressmen is Brian Fitzpatrick, if you decide you want to be a political science major you could start laying down the foundation of an internship this summer for next year.
 The one thing too is there are two types of people who go to the Hill: work horses and show horses. Most people I think go there for the right reasons because people do genuinely want to have a positive impact. They’re also usually very interested in at least one issue. They know that’s the only way to have an impact. The single greatest thing that you can do on the Hill is to do everything that’s asked of you, to do more, and to be on top of what’s happening.
  Another part of it is that you want to show your superiors that you take your role very seriously and you’re not a clock watcher. You’re there to get a job done, and if you do those things there’s no way that you will not get recognized. Capitol Hill is one of the fewest instances where if you do a good job, you will get recognized.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

After prom events can be even more fun than the main event

Vanessa Northrup & Charlotte Taylor
Staff Writers

While prom is one of the biggest events of the year for many high school students, the events that take place after prom can be very fun and exciting for students as well. Many students take the weekend to spend time with friends and relax from all the craziness of school. In past years students have gone to the beach for the weekend, had sleepovers at friends' houses, and even went to amusement parks for the day. Since prom is on a Friday, everyone has the entire weekend to do as they please.
  In an interview with Laura Nagg, she told us that she will be going to Long Beach Island for the weekend with some of her friends and that she can’t wait to go! In another interview, Parker Miele is planning on going to his friend's Pocono house with a group.  Amanda Horak says she and her boyfriend Kyle, of three years, will be going to the Jersey shore to celebrate her friend's birthday.
  While doing something after prom is not a requirement, it is a favored tradition for many students that has been going on for years. There is a reminder for everyone to be safe and make smart decisions over this weekend for everyone to have a good time.