Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Independent Studies have much to offer

Thomas Detlefsen
Staff Writer

Although New Hope-Solebury High School provides many courses for a variety of different interests, each individual is unique and combined, each student has more different niche hobbies than any one school could ever provide classes for. Something as specific as script-writing or jazz recording would not have enough students to qualify as a class on its own. This is where the idea of an independent study comes in.
  An independent study is a course a student can take under the supervision of a teacher if their interest is not covered by a class in the school. It allows students to have a bit of freedom from the traditional class structure and tests their ability to work productively and meet deadlines on their own. Most importantly, the independent study allows students to explore a topic that is truly captivating to them.
  Ryan Keating, a senior, is taking an independent study called Study of Screenwriting. This course requires him to write a full length screenplay to learn about good storytelling practices and what it takes to write a full story. On why he requested the independent study, Ryan said: “I like movies and I have always wanted to create one for myself.” He also said that he will probably continue to write in college, but it will not be his career choice.
  Ryan’s experience provides a great example of the benefits of an independent study. He has explored something that he is interested in, but is not offered regularly. It is really important to encourage students to pursue things they are interested in, and that is what the independent study does.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Weather Brings Regretful Fun to New Hope

Frank Spadavecchia and Devin Bock
Staff Writers

Before this winter began, many had predicted we would have a warm, wet winter. Gladly, they were wrong. Our area has already received a few different snow storms with one that even left four-five inches. This was a big surprise to many, proving the original predictions wrong. Along with the periods of snowfall, we have had to bear through weeks of well-below freezing temperatures. These periods of cold, along with the precipitation have created some extremely icy conditions and have made it very dangerous to travel some days. This has caused schools to shut down, leaving every student in the area ecstatic. New Hope Solebury has already had two snow days, two delayed openings, and one early dismissal.
  This leaves plenty of time for people to enjoy winter activities:sledding, skiing, snowball fights or, the least enjoyable of the bunch, shoveling. Many students within New Hope-Solebury have used these snow days to visit their favorite mountains to shred the slopes. With our snow days being used up, however, consequences are arising. The school has already used up its two built in snow days meaning that the next day off will result in the loss of one day of Spring Break. Then from that point on all snow days will then move back graduation. With all of this in mind many students are left wondering whether or not the sight of glistening snow flakes falling from the sky is a beautiful sight or one that they soon will dread.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snow days prove to be a student’s favorite news item

Kayla Paul-Koch
Staff Writer

After 10 days away from school for winter break, students grudgingly went back to school on Jan. 2. As if almost two weeks away wasn’t enough, when students heard about the possible snow storm hitting New Hope they prayed for a snow day.
  To the students’ joy there were two snow days in a row resulting in a four day weekend. And if that wasn’t enough for students, the next week there was an early dismissal on Monday and a two hour delay on Tuesday.
  “I was excited because we didn’t have school and I didn’t have to do any work!” said sophomore Sarah Block.
  On the contrary, Freshman Kevin O’Brien said “I was excited in the moment, but now I’m frustrated with the amount of makeup work I have to do from the days we had off.”
 The end of the second marking period is creeping up on Jan. 26, creating extra stress for students and teachers to makeup the time lost. Students have been dealing with a heavy load of new information to get in before the start of a new quarter.

The Roaring Corner: Episode 3

Amanda Horak & Parker Miele
Staff Writers

One question we sent out in a survey before holiday break was “what is stressing you out about the New Year?” Some of the options we listed were college, homework, family, and work. According to our responses, the majority said college was the thing that stressed them out the most.
  Both being seniors, we know how stressful the college application and waiting period is. Waiting to hear back from your top schools is the most stressful thing ever! However, we all just have to wait. There is nothing to stress about because we are all going to go to the place we are meant to be at!
   “I was very excited to be accepted to two of my top schools, which are Notre Dame and Georgetown University,” Max Chuma, who is also a senior, said.
  Besides college, another popular choice was homework. Lately, we have been receiving a lot of homework because we’re approaching the end to the second marking period. Again, it is nothing to stress about. Just make sure you start your homework ahead of time and don’t worry about it!
  Let’s have a great start to the new year by just relaxing and not stressing out about things like college and homework!

Explore a smarter way to keep your resolutions

Devon Beacham and Justin Horak
Staff Writers 

The New Year is behind us, resolutions have already been established, and maybe even surrendered by now, and if not now, then probably sometime soon. New Year's resolutions seem to always last temporarily. Of course it is nice to think of improvement and act on it, but the unfortunate truth is not everyone can always follow through with those intentions! Some cliché resolutions usually are regarding one’s health, such as eating healthier and finally joining the gym. Why are New Year's resolutions yearly? Because they never follow through the entire year! Individuals can maintain their goals and overall create a better lifestyle for themselves. But, what is the difference between the successful goals and those that often ultimately lead to failure?
 It seems the most efficient and achievable resolutions are by making measurable ones. Rather than creating a goal such as “being more active,” one could make their resolution “exercise for one hour everyday.” Instead of saying “make healthier choices,” have a goal of “eating at least one vegetable at every meal.” Instead of “lose weight,” one could plan to “lose 10 pounds.” By setting a target that people can make sure they can achieve, it is simpler for them to push themselves to complete it and mentally check it off when they’re done and further their goals after the first are achieved. If someone is trying to structure a goal that they are able to accomplish, the best choice, is to make it measurable. A goal that one can look back on after many days have passed and know for sure whether or not he or she has fulfilled is more likely to end in success.

The Year of Billion Dollar Disasters

Cooper Hendricks
Staff Writers

2017 was an expensive year in disaster costs for the US at $306 million. It is estimated to be the third most expensive year in the 123 years of records. It comes after 2014 and 2012 in disaster costs. With a total of 3 hurricanes, 8 severe storms, 1 wildfire and 2 floods, 2017 left a sizable dent in disaster costs.
  Some places in Florida and even Texas are still recovering from the damage done by Harvey, Irma, and Maria, granted some people haven't recovered from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 so we will probably hear about this for years to come. Not to mention these hurricanes were some of the costliest disasters over the year.
  Each disaster costed more than a billion each. Which is quite shocking when you think about it. Some people have supported the idea of proper training and prevention for later disasters.

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Roaring Corner: Episode 2

Amanda Horak & Parker Miele
Staff Writers

Winter break is a time that almost all students look forward to. Unfortunately for most, teachers also assign work over that time that the students take to relax. After taking your responses on how you feel about homework over the break, we decide to give you tips on how to make it an easier and faster task.
   Spreading out work and choosing which days to do certain assignments is a great way to lessen stress and make the work seem so much easier. This also ensures that nobody will have multiple assignments all pushed back to Sunday night. You guys may also want to try and not do a whole assignment all at once, take a little bit of each and then it won’t feel like you have been working on something forever.
   Although some may hate not finishing an assignment when they start it, there is another option. Instead of picking a few questions from each to do one day, designate certain days for certain classes. Taking one day for a class is a great way to organize everything and make sure that you don’t miss anything.
  Good luck, and happy holidays!