Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter looks...whatever.

 Chloe LeMunyan
Staff Writer

 Hey gals! Winter’s here and we all know that’s when we pop out the Uggs and sweat pants and “don’t care” anymore with how we look. Time to put the curling irons and straighteners away, because I’m going to teach you the perfect way to be effortless with your winter looks.
        When getting dressed for school in the winter, the first thing to be wary about is timing. The faster you get ready, the more time you have to sleep in, and the better your winter look will turnout. Give yourself about 10-12 minutes from the time you wake up to get out the door.
Personally, I shower at night and fall asleep with soaking wet hair. It’s good for your pillows and even better for the messy, chic hair that you wake up to. Plus, it adds more time to your beauty sleep so you can swing not wearing full on makeup. If your hair is STILL wet when you wake up, don’t worry about it. Just comb your hair with your fingers and your good. If it’s dry, run the brush through it until there aren’t any knots. If your hair is curly, skip the brush and if your hair is extremely knotty power hour that brush. (Pretend your hairbrush is like your car rugs when your hitting them against the ground to get the dirt out, similar motions). Brushing your hair should take less than one minute, regardless.
Definitely skip eye make-up, just shove some concealer under your eyes so they aren’t too alarming to the public and if you must, add a little bit of mascara. Of course if you have any obvious zits, cover those up, but most of the time you can let those slide. I add moisturizer so my face doesn’t get chapped from the weather.
NEVER forget deodorant. You can skip perfume, if you prefer, but that is a very quick process so I advise to do it. Keep hand moisturizer in your car and apply on your way out of car into school, I use mango scented.
The outfit is the best part to pick out. Normally whatever you fell asleep in works. If you’re a nightgown girl, like myself, you normally have to change into school appropriate pajamas unless your nightgown resembles a dress. Then you can pair it with black tights and some combat boots, and it looks like you put effort into your outfit. There’s nothing quite like effortlessly making an outfit look like there was effort involved. Shoes really do not matter… whatever you can get on the fastest. Skip the sneakers, unless all your other shoes are missing, and probably go with a clog or faded-pink Ugg slippers, a slip on shoe. If you can handle it, skip the winter jacket-it’s more to carry and you really only need it for the walk into school. Ask yourself: is it worth it?
Brush your teeth right before you leave and keep gum in your car. Remember ladies, your car is your safety net to anything you forget. Once you try this winter look routine, you will start noticing you begin to forget very important things. Once you forget those very import things, remind yourself to stock your car with those items (hair-ties, floss, gum, pretzels); therefore, you will not forget them next time!

Have fun trying this stress-free morning routine and remember, if you are confident, you are beautiful.