Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Call for Boys Volleyball

Connor Smith
Staff Writer

In order to SET up a boys volleyball team, we need to BUMP up the interest.
 Who doesn’t love a good game of volleyball? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical, everyone loves volleyball, especially high school boys. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have a boys volleyball team. There are an extraordinary amount of sports have that both a boys and girls team. Just to name a few, there is soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and why not add another one to that list?
 Mr. Harrington, the athletic director, commented on the subject, and stated that PIAA does indeed have a boys volleyball program. This means that the idea of a boys volleyball team at New Hope-Solebury is obtainable, as long as the interest is there. In order for the school to sponsor it, there must be a large interest and the ability to financially support itself for a few years. If we are able to SPIKE the interest, the possibility of this team grows immensely.
 When Matt Steele was asked about the idea of a boys volleyball team, he responded, “I think it is a great opportunity to include every group of guys, especially ones who haven’t found a sport that they enjoy before.”  It seems as though Steele speaks for the student body when he talks about the advantages of having a team.
 The excitement for this upcoming team is shown by the remark of Christian Oliveria when he said, “I’ve been ready since I was 12 for this. This is the time.”

 Christian is right, this is the time. Time for everyone to join the boys volleyball team.


  1. In order to get a boy's volleyball tea you have to a sufficient number of players who are academically and physically sound. Check with friends of yours who play for other schools to find out what is considered sufficient. As far as AD Harrington's assertion that the team has to financially support itself for a few years, I do not believe that that is so. As far as I know that did not happen for the girl's lacrosse teams or cheer leading teams. But I will certainly check it out by requesting any documents the district has by applying for them under The Right To Know Law.

  2. One more element is needed to get the volleyball program up and running- Finding a coach and possibly an assistant coach.