Friday, January 30, 2015

Doylestown Chipotle Receives Mixed Reviews

Mackenzie Garvin & Bella Dougherty
Staff Writers  

With the recent opening of the Doylestown Chipotle came mixed reviews from the New Hope-Solebury High School population. Being that the new location is closer than the Warrington location, (second closest chipotle, after Doylestown), many students have already made the trip to visit the new, recently opened location. We asked a plethora of students their thoughts on the Doylestown Chipotle compared to the Warrington Location, and received a wide variety of responses. To each student, we asked them to rate the establishment on a scale of 1-10 and to state one notable thing about their visit. Their responses were as follows.
 Monica Cho, senior, rated Doylestown an 8 out of 10. She stated, “the convenience of the closer location was beneficial in terms of saving [her] time on a school night, however [she] still prefers the Warrington location”. What we gathered from Monica’s answer is that if she were craving chipotle and was in a time crunch, she would be more likely to go to the Doylestown location. If she had time to spare and was looking to get the full Chipotle experience up to her standards, she would rather go to Warrington, because she simply prefers the atmosphere, the employees, and the consistently good meal.
 In addition to our interview with Monica, we interviewed another senior, Matt Steele, on his opinion of the recently opened Chipotle. After gathering his thoughts, Steele stated “There are many pros to the new chipotle. Of course, it is much closer, especially to my house which is about 15 minutes away. And I also believe the portions they give are bigger than the Warrington Chipotle’s portions when I am paying the same amount of money!” However, Steele has noticed the Doylestown Chipotle, filled with new employees, seems to have a slower moving line while waiting for his food. He explains, “when I am really hungry, I become very impatient. Since the employees are not as experienced in the new location, I get a little agitated having to wait. However, I am trying to give the new employees a break while they learn their skills.” Like many other New Hope Students, Matt Steele has positive reviews of the new Chipotle location and he looks forward to visiting them often in the future.
 We also interviewed a particularly difficult to satisfy Chipotle customer, Claire Dougherty, a sophomore. Claire is difficult to satisfy because of her strict dietary limitations, being that she is a vegan. Claire said that although she would prefer the closer location of Doylestown, she was disappointed in their lack of vegan options. Claire stated “They did not have their tofu option, sofritas, prepared when I came in, and I would have had to wait 20 minutes for them to prepare it. Being that I had arrived with a group, I felt it would be an imposition to ask everyone to wait for 20 minutes to sit down with me. I decided to go without, and my meal was simply not as satisfying as it should have been. I have never experienced this at the Warrington Chipotle, so I would say I am more likely to go back to Warrington than Doylestown,”. Claire gave the restaurant a 6 out of 10, and was overall disappointed in her experience.
 While there were clearly mixed feelings regarding each individual's experience with the new Chipotle, all students of New Hope could agree on one common ground; The addition of the new Chipotle, whether or not they preferred it to Warrington, is nothing but beneficial. It is closer, has alleviated long lines in the Warrington Chipotle, has noticeably larger portion sizes, and most importantly, makes the beloved Chipotle meals more accessible. All New Hope students, New Hope teachers, and members of the community alike can rejoice in the newly opened Chipotle, and can celebrate this great addition to our area.

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