Friday, February 27, 2015

Valentine’s Day: Treat ’em Right

Steve Ratigan
Staff Writer

 Love; the most powerful feeling in the body. It drives us mad, and also drives us away. The trust, the emotion, the concrete feelings of love are so comforting to us. Yet, the heartbreaks are so detrimental, we don’t know what we want anymore. Valentines Day is a day where the feelings and emotions can all be fired up to a point where it can’t get any higher. Either emotions of love or of hate. These are the determining factors for when people say they “love” Valentines Day or they “hate” it with a burning passion. If you are deciding to take that special someone on a day they will appreciate, make sure you know what your Valentine will enjoy.
Girls, do you want to impress your boy this Valentine’s Day? Boys can sometimes be more difficult than girls on Valentine’s Day. They don’t express their feelings as much, and they definitely do not mention the exact gifts they desire. Now, we know as the girl, your ideal Valentine’s Day experience includes a fancy date, either restaurant or in bed cuddling to Netflix. However, this is not the case for the boy. If he loves you, he will do anything to make you happy, but his ideal day does not always include all the stressful relationship nonsense. He will basically do anything for the girl, spend all his money, disobey his parents, and put up with a long day of dates. To make the boy happy, you must be happy with what he was able to give you, and show him all the love you possibly can. He puts a lot of effort into making you happy, and if that isn’t clear, you should find another man.
Boys, do you want to impress your girl this Valentine’s Day? Girls can be the most difficult people to impress, but can easily be made happy. Get a job a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, and rack up the cash. No way can you go out for the day with the girl of your dreams and not have enough money to make her day special. If you make her day special, her love will eventually make your day equally special. Take her to a movie, a nice Chipotle date, take her out shopping, and cruise in the car talking about the love you share.
  Although it is not as fancy as she may like, by the end of the day she will look back on how happy you made her and will do her best to make you happy. If you show up with chocolates and a teddy bear, you already have a great start to Valentine’s Day. Make your girl happy and she’ll make you happy; remember that.

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