Thursday, January 28, 2016

Charlie Hebdo releases a commemorative issue a year after the attacks

Charlotte Haigh and Victoria Siano
News Editors

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2015, the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo released a special issue went on sale in Paris, France.
Exactly one year ago few gunmen, upset by the paper’s continuous depiction of the prophet Muhammad, a person who is not to be physically represented in any shape or form in the Muslim religion, stormed Charlie Hebdo’s central office in Paris. This issue commemorates the deaths of the 17 individuals who were killed in the attack that day.
For this occasion, the newspaper company has printed approximately one million issues, a significant increase from the 100,000 copies that are typically printed, and included drawings by the illustrators that were killed in the attacks.
Despite the significance and sentiment of the topic, it appeared that not many Parisians were very interested in purchasing this installment, whereas the first issue published after the attacks quickly sold out. Longtime fans, such as Ineke Louiche, believe that, “ [is] buy this special issue.”
“I already read it before the attacks,” Mr. Louiche continues, “and you can feel that something has changed, the soul of the paper is gone a little, but this front page is form of dark humor. I like it.”

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