Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The top 25 memories of the class of 2016

Jackie Gouris and Lindsay Park
Staff Writers

Over the past twelve years, the class of 2016 has lived through some pretty crazy times. Although not everyone’s experiences have been the same, it is safe to say that there have been some events that have stuck out for everyone. After conferring with some seniors, we have compiled a list of class of 2016’s top twenty-five memories:

1. When the bank was robbed in fifth grade sending the school into lockdown and feeling like you were actually a part of the heist
2. Field day being the best day of the year (& Mr. Ditulio’s epic theme reveals)
3. Walking into the first day of sixth grade & ever girl already having a Justin Bieber poster on her locker
4. Mr. Preiss THROWING a hair dryer
5. Middle school halloween assemblies
6. Whenever a new student comes & the whole grade flies into a frenzy
7. Whenever a student leaves New Hope and instantly becomes a LEGEND
8. Fresh night
9. Walking into homecoming freshman year and feeling instantly overwhelmed
10. Missing a week of freshman year because Sandy (blessed)
11. Achenbach breaking his arm & the WILD rumors that ensued
12. Class election season & the candidates ALWAYS bribing voters with promises to bring in outside restaurants for lunch once a week (& it never actually happening)
13. Iconic boyz’ performances (7 nation army started a revolution)
14. Poop sandwich
15. Do it for mother Russia
16. Hypnotized (?)
17. Wizards of Light
19. Save the Lights
20. Watching Mr. Bonj’s episode of Trading Spaces at least once in your high school career
21. Assassin (fail)
22. Everyone showing up to a school board meeting to get the renovations back on track
23. Deer hunt
25. Rigged spirit week 2016 (& THE coolest hallway decoration ever).

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