Monday, October 31, 2016

Top 3 DIY Costumes for under $10

Jen Abele and Kelly Hyland
Staff Writers

BOO! Halloween is quickly approaching and it is time to start planning out your Halloween costume. Here are three costumes that you already have in your closet for your costume this year. Happy Halloween!

Kim Possible
Materials: Black turtle neck shirt, belt, green pants, black gloves, and black shoes.
Dress up as this iconic Disney character and you will be saving the day in no time!

Social Media Icons
Materials: Wear clothes that have the background color of your selected social media icon. For example, if the social media icon is Snapchat, then the proper color would be yellow. Then print out the social media icon to the size of your liking, and attach it to your clothing.

Girl Scout/Boy Scout
Materials: Girl scouts wear vests for their specific age group. The famous green vest is for juniors, blue is for daisies, brown is for brownies, and beige is for cadets. If you were ever a girl scout, then you can reuse your vest in the back of your closet. If you weren’t a girl scout, then you can cut some felt into the shape of a vest or sash. Then design your own patches out of paper, and attach to a white felt circle. Cover the white felt and then sew or hot glue the patches to the vest! Wear anything you want under your vest. Peace out girl scout!
Boy scouts wear a beige shirt with various patches, a green vest full of badges, a scarf with a pin, socks, sneakers, green cargo shorts, or green pants with a belt. The badges can be replicated by printing them out, placing them onto felt, and hot gluing them to a button-down beige shirt. You can use a single-colored bandana to use as a scarf, and then pin it in the center. Create medals for various scout awards out of ribbon, attach a photo to felt, and place it onto the ribbon.

Dress up as these creative DIY costumes this year! Enjoy your Halloween New Hope Lions!

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