Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Razer Creates Design First Ever Triple Monitor Laptop

Rhys McCollum
Staff Writer

Project Valerie: this is the name that Razer, a company that manufactures custom mice, laptops, desktops, and keyboards, has chosen for its new built in triple monitor computer system. Not much is known about this new system, but Razer seems to never fail at pleasing their customers.
 When getting down to the specifications of the computer, it becomes much more impressive. First, when comparing its size to other 17-inch computers, Valerie is much thinner. This is because when the computer opens, the three different monitors come out of the main middle monitor. When it comes to graphics on the system, not much is mentioned. The only two pieces of information on this topic is that each monitor will have a 4k display and that an Nvidia GTX series graphics card will be used. This may not seem like much information, but it is enough to predict how expensive this computer may be. Pairing the information of three 4k displays and Nvidia GTX series graphics cards, it can be concluded that some of the highest end of graphics cards will be used or in other words the GTX 1080. This is a very expensive graphics (around $700) card that will definitely deliver in terms of computer graphics. This graphics card is compatible with virtual reality games and videos. Finally, we will try to determine what processor will be used in this computer. With all of the power and speed Razer speaks of it can be determined that an i7 processor will be used. Since this computer requires such power, it may sport a Intel® Core™ i7-6970HQ Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz) or something even more powerful. Go to https://www.razerzone.com/project-valerie to sign up for updates about Project Valerie.


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