Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BMW 20 Years- 3-Series- 10 Best List

Addison Hartmann
Staff Writer
BMW 20 years 3-series ten best list
The car manufacturer BMW advertises itself as building one thing: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Given the remarkable run of the BMW--the BMW 3 series has won 10 best cars of the year for 20 years straight by Car and Driver--it may just be true. The 3 series has been included in the top ten list because it is “known around the world for its sporty looks superior handling and powerful engines, the 3 Series” Car and Driver magazine says.

The 3 series is known to be a sports sedan that is capable of driving the family around but also is luxurious and safe. The 3 series is also very popular because it is a decently priced car for what is included in the base model of the car. Although the 3 series isn't the ideal BMW but many consumers like how comfortable it rides and the power it has for the price. The ideal BMW with the same body style as the 335i would be the M3. The 3 series that is the closest to an M3 is the 335i. Some BMW drivers would rather buy the 335i because the mpgs are better than the M3’s mpgs, but who cares about that when you have all of that power. The 3 series averages around 25 mpg and the M3 averages around 17 mpgs.

Although the 335i isn’t as fast as the M3,  many consumers like how the 335i handles on the same lines as an M3, it has power and takes turns without a problem. Both the 335i and the M3 can be driven as daily drivers although some enthusiasts wouldn't want to drive an M3 everyday, instead some consumers might like to keep it for a weekend drive. What makes a good daily driver is when the car is comfortable and fuel efficient. Although the M3 is comfortable, it struggles when trying to be fuel efficient. BMW has sold around 500,214 3 series in 2013. Many consumers also like how safe and reliable the 3 series is. BMW has sold many cars and this is what they are most proud of, the sales of the car show how popular it is.

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