Friday, October 3, 2014

Studying Gets a Technological Twist

Claudia Kolinchak and Victoria Siano
Staff Writers

As school starts this year, so does a new generation of technology. Students in the New Hope-Solebury High School and teachers all over the district were given laptop/tablets this year to aid them in their school work. These devices come with the ability to download a variety of applications that are designed to make a student’s daily school life easier. They also come with some apps installed right out of the box. The question remains: How do you get the most out of this device?
Throughout their day, students put these apps to the test, using them not only for their classes, but for their own personal use as well. One example is the Calendar app which allows you to set events and see them on your calendar homescreen. When it is time for an event, an  alert will pop up on your computer. These versatile devices come with the calendar previously downloaded to them. Another excellent program for studying and taking notes that comes previously installed is One Note. “(OneNote) is a great interface for delivering the material” says one teacher who uses the program regularly.  When using this application, students can upload documents and type or draw on them as if they were a worksheet, making OneNote perfect for note-taking. This is also a great study method for upcoming tests.  
Another practical study tool that can be added to your device is the Flashcards app. On this, you have access any set of quizlet cards in the whole database and can create and edit your own sets. You can download sets from your quizlet account to your tablet as well. Flashcards is a great tool for studying because you have easy access to the sets, and you do not need to create an account.     
With access to these apps, students can increase their academic abilities and their time management skills as well.

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