Friday, November 13, 2015

Welcoming NHS Class of 2019

Jacqui Vergis, Brooke Black, and Caroline Maloney
Staff Writers

The arrival of New Hope’s class of 2019 has flooded our high school halls with new faces, personalities, and opportunities. As upperclassmen, we found ourselves curious to find out about how our new classmates have enjoyed their experience here at the high school within these first couple of months of the year. In addition, we wanted to hear what it’s like becoming a high school student at New Hope-Solebury in 2015.  
 To gain some insight on the matter, we chose to randomly interview three freshman. We first ran in to Gabi Roberts, who we asked about her plans and goals for this semester. Roberts said, “A goal I have set is to try my hardest in my classes and stay organized. It is important to be organized because last year, in middle school, I was very messy and it stressed me out.”
 Hannah DeVito said, “My favorite class is Intro to Psychology because it is very interesting. It is a class that is not like a typical core one and it’s cool because I get to learn things I have never heard of before. I like being able to explore different areas of education.”
 [Moving schools] is a big switch and I do not really like it that much. It is better to be on the top than on the bottom,” stated Morgan Schroeder.
These students’ opinions mirror the mindset of freshmen of years’ past. The nerves, stress, and confusion upperclassmen dealt with while entering the high school continue to drive and affect the freshman class year after year. The freshman were already aware that staying organized and being on top of their studies is essential when succeeding academically and socially in high school. So freshmen study, get involved, and have fun...good luck!

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