Thursday, February 4, 2016

Exciting Inventions for 2016

Tommy Valletto
Staff Writer  

As we came to an end of all the fantastic innovations and trends of 2015 and opened our doors to 2016, we definitely have a lot to be excited about. Tons of people are starting to use hoverboards, a breakout product of 2015.
 A hoverboard is a electric motor powered scooter that which you stand on that has no handles. The hoverboard detects body movement that will go wherever your body is leaning. This is becoming very popular, but is also causing big issues for people in the form of injuries and restrictions on where exactly one can ride these hoverboards.
 Another cool invention that many city or neighborhood kids are excited for is the black net. This is an easy concept of a basketball net that is built into a frame of a basketball hoop. So when you go to a hoop that's missing a net all you do is simply put the basketball inside the black net and shoot it into the hoop with the missing net and after the ball goes through the hoop and drops out it is ready to be played on. When you are ready to take it out you shoot the ball under and out of the bottom of the net and the ball will drag the hoop with it making the installing and uninstalling process an easy five seconds. That is if, you have a good shot.
 A new weapon for law enforcements that might help this big epidemic of police brutality is this ballistic attachment. The ballistic attachment goes over the front of the barrel of the firearm so when the first round is fired it is non lethal. This will be used if the victim is carrying a nonlethal weapon. This will help reduce the number of tradies of people being shot and killed by police.
 There are many helpful and exciting inventions that are coming out this year just hopefully they follow through or actually prove to be useful to many people.

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