Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Break is fast approaching

Claudia Kolinchak and Hannah Goulding
Features Editor and Staff Writer

Spring break is approaching fast. It’s around the second most beloved week during the school year; second only to Spirit Week. During this time many students vacation to faraway tropical paradises or to a chalet deep in the mountains to enjoy some last-chance skiing.
Wherever students venture to, spring break is a week free of school to relax and get ready to kick into gear for the home stretch of the school year. By the time this week rolls around, most students are ready to tap out.
Unfortunately, this year, due to snow days we will be losing one day of spring break. This will be an issue, like last year, because many people already planned their vacations around the predetermined spring break and will be absent for monday, March 28th.
In a survey of the student body, a sample of 50 students responded. We asked you “Are you going anywhere for spring break?” Just over half of responses were yes. Then we wanted to know where students were going if they were leaving New Hope. The leading vacation spot was Florida. The runner up trip being college visits.
If you aren’t going on vacation, you weren’t left out of the survey. After being asked where you wish to go, the student body’s response was overwhelmingly leaning towards warm, tropical vacation spots, like Florida, the Bahamas, California, etc.
Whether or not you are hitting up the beaches, road-tripping to a different state to explore college options, or touring a foreign country, everyone gets to enjoy a week free of school. This will be a nice mental rest before we hit the ground running to finish off the 2015-2016 school year strong!

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