Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Continue to help the Earth beyond Earth Day

Parker Miele
Staff Writer

Today’s world has created many problems, such as pollution and the killing of trees. Earth Day is a day devoted to collecting plastic and paper to recycle, or even going out to plant trees outside. That’s right, not your basic indoor plant, but in the actual world.
  But planting trees will not solve the problem.
  Earth Day is important because most people need to realize that we are destroying our world by doing even the simplest things, like driving.
  Planting trees is not enough to make a significant difference. You need to drive electric cars and wash your clothes in cold water. Composting is also a beneficial thing to do, so all the trash that would go into landfills is now in a neat little bin in your backyard; eventually you can even use the remains as a natural fertilizer for planting.
  The simplest thing to do to save money and, most importantly, the Earth, is to clean out your home’s air filters. This stops the system from working overtime, saving energy.
  Even the little things help, like turning off the lights when you leave the room or unplugging your cell phone charger when it’s not being used. Everything counts, if you want this world to still be beautiful, please help on the days after Earth Day and beyond.
  If you want to do more, you can become more active in your community by joining the Environmental Club; see Mrs. Lever for details.

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