Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dr. Yanni talks renovation plans

Nikia Beavers & Kelsey Iverson
Staff Writers

Interested in how the new school renovation is coming? Q and As with Dr. Yanni
  When you walk into the art room and find an infestation of ants at your desk you think about how all the students were told about getting a “new” school through renovation, and wonder why the renovations were put on hold.
  The Lion’s Tale sat down with Dr.Yanni to ask him a series of questions that students are interested in knowing the answers to.
  He was very happy to answer the questions with as much depth and directness as possible, saying that he is, “excited for the work to get started. Some parts of the high school need to be fixed up.”

Question: When will construction take place?
Answer:  Right when graduation ends, June 15th.

Question: Will the mold problems be fixed?
Answer: Mold will be fixed, heat will be fixed.

Question: Why hasn't construction started?
Answer: We are continuing to refine the plan and make sure that it has everything that is needed. There was never going to be a change, we just had to get the board members up to date. There are new people to the board.

Question: Why was there a board meeting that people needed to be present at to make sure that this new construction takes place?
Answer: They had the board meeting to let the new board members know what the plan was.

Question: Is the renovation going to be the same as Dr. Boccotti had it or have you changed it?
Answer: Same renovation.

Question: When is it projected to be complete?
Answer: 2018, so about two years.

Question: How will this change our school environment?
Answer: We will have a state of the art facility that will enhance our already great programs. We will have better spaces for our art, drama, and music programs.  Communities identify with their schools, and New Hope-Solebury has received great recognition like the recent Blue Ribbon and nice facilities help to increase property values for our community.

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