Friday, December 9, 2016

Mini-INFO on Mini-THON

Jess Mullen
Staff Writer

 On Monday, Nov. 28, during first period, the entire high school staff and student body gathered in
the auditorium to discover the theme of this year’s Mini-THON: Coloring Book.
 The audience was greeted by Gail Frassetta from Four Diamonds, who supports Penn State’s THON and other Mini-THONs, and the only instruction given to students was to remain standing once they stood up.
 “Stand up if you have ever been diagnosed with cancer.” Everyone looked around to see who was standing.
 “Stand up if you have a sibling who has ever been diagnosed with cancer.” Again, everyone looked around to see who was standing, this time, a few more on their feet.
 “Stand up if you have a parent who has ever been diagnosed with cancer.” Once more, everyone looked around to see who was standing, again, more students on their feet. After the same statement was repeated twice more with grandparents and aunts and uncles, everyone looked around to see who was sitting.
 Frassetta simply asked, “See how much cancer affects people’s lives?” and told the majority standing to join their peers still sitting.
 Four Diamonds is an organization dedicated to conquering childhood cancer. Ninety-five percent of money raised at Mini-THONs goes towards fighting cancer. Seventy percent of all money raised is to fund research to fight pediatric cancer and the rest of the money goes to help families pay for treatments that insurance does not cover. Four Diamonds’ Mini-THONs held at schools all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and Four Diamonds hopes to make Mini-THONs a nationwide event. Aside from aiding to end the fight of childhood cancer, Mini-THON teach kids that they can have a lasting impact on other’s lives.
 Last year, New Hope raised $12,000 at Mini-THON which doubles from $6,000 the year before, and tops $5,000 the first year New Hope participated in Mini-THON. This year’s goal is to raise $15,000.

 The theme of this year’s Mini-THON will be Coloring Book. Coloring Book is the perfect theme to bring high school students and young children together because high schoolers love Chance The Rapper’s new album, Coloring Book, and kids love to color! Mini-THON will run from Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. to Jan. 22 at 7 a.m. In the words of Four Diamonds, “One day we will dance in celebration. Until then we dance for a cure.”

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