Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Survive the Holidays

Kelly Hyland and Taylor Selbst
Staff Writers

Snow, hot chocolate, and presents are the best part of any holiday season. People look forward to getting together with extended family they do not see often and giving presents to close friends and family, but what people fail to remember are the hardships of the holidays: constant questions about your life, the struggle to buy presents when you bank account is empty, and keeping your parents happy when company is coming over. These are the struggles all teens face during the holiday season. Here is  a short survival guide for the holidays.

1.Buying on a Budget
  Your friends and family deserve the world, but sadly you can only afford a DIY project from the dollar store. Don’t fret! As long as you show your friends and family that you care, they won’t mind what you get them as long as it’s from the heart. Also if you are looking for good sales, I advise you to go shopping for loved ones on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

2. Avoidance
  Honestly, staying in a corner or upstairs in your room will solve all of the problems involving family members asking many questions you are trying to avoid.
  -Worst possible questions relatives can ask:
  -What college are you going to?
  -What are you going to major in?
  -Who are you dating?
  -How are your grades?

3. JUJU your way through the holidays
  The holidays are a time for good food, loved ones, and kissing under the mistletoe. Your parents may be stressed during this time with hosting family, so maybe help them out once in awhile to keep everyone happy.
  The holidays are a great time to do you and try to make the most of crazy relatives, an empty bank account, and parents nagging you to get out of the kitchen before the rest of your family comes over, so make it LIT!

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