Monday, November 21, 2016

Deciding When To Decorate

Shayna Berman and Erica Brennan
Staff Writers

When is an appropriate time to start putting up holiday decorations? Students at New Hope are very opinionated on this topic, with a fairly even split of whether decorations should be put up before or after Thanksgiving.
  Junior Riley Brennan argues that “You can’t just skip over Thanksgiving. If you put up decorations before Thanksgiving, then the Christmas season seems too long.”
  She says that her family puts up decorations purely for Thanksgiving, so putting holiday decorations up would take away from turkey time with family. A common trend found among families is that they have completely separate decorations for Thanksgiving from Christmas or other holidays in December. So, for those who follow this trend, decorations for the holidays start being put up after Thanksgiving.
  On the other side, junior Stella Kelley believes that decorations should be put up a week before Thanksgiving in order to get things ready for her favorite holiday.
  “My family gets things started early. We try to keep our decorations up as long as possible,” Kelley said. Because Christmas is her favorite holiday, she starts preparing as early as she can so she can cherish the time.
  Almost everyone can agree that once the decorations are up, they cannot contain their excitement for the holidays. The holidays celebrated in December are the favorites of students, so decorating is part of the experience.
  Students differ on this topic. Some wish to savor the holiday spirit while others believe in separating the holidays rather than combining the two. Both views result in staying in the holiday spirit.  Whether they put up decorations before or after Thanksgiving, students are ready to celebrate the holidays with their families and friends during this time of year.

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