Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Keeping Fall Fun

Mackenzie Carpenter
Katie Tangradi
Staff Writers

Welcome back to another beautiful fall season in New Hope-Solebury. Last year there was a poll deciding best fall activities. The winner of that poll was “hanging out with Russell Abernethy.” This year after receiving a wide range to total 78 responses, hanging out with Russell is no longer the favored choice of fall fun among New Hope-Solebury students.
 The number one choice for fall fun, with 48 votes, is apple picking! Solebury Orchards is open Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Find some time this fall season to take a ride on that tractor and pick some apples. Then maybe  make an apple pie for a friend or family get together!
 Coming in at a close second at 47 votes is drinking apple cider. Once again, Solebury Orchards is the move to make for fall fun. Can’t get all the way out to Creamery Road? No problem! Solebury Orchard apple cider is stocked up at Jamie Hollander and other local businesses.
 One of the choices given for fall fun included “hanging out with Matt Fest”. Opposite to the victorious results of hanging out with Russell Abernethy, Matt Fest only received 18 votes. That’s less than 25 percent. What if Russell was back on the choice list? Would he win again?

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