Monday, November 11, 2013

Freshman...How Well Do You Really Know Them?

Lexi Anderson and Bailey Hendricks
Staff Writers

    Freshman year: Everyone was there once...and some still are.
    The middle school teachers prepared students for years. Everyone talked it up. But what’s Freshman year really like?
    We asked around and found out how everyone really feels about the class of 2017. From freshmen to seniors, we all have our opinions. Everyone is looking forward to the year to come, whether it be sports or social events, this year is going to be great!
    The first day of school was a big day for the freshmen. Besides going to the beach and hanging out with friends, many students spent some time stressing over the year to come.
With so much new to encounter, there were a plethora of emotions and thoughts running through every student’s mind.
    On the first day, most of the freshmen said they felt nervous, lost, intimidated, anxious, tired, and even stupid.
   “I was nervous and lost because I didn’t know where any of my classes were the first day” said freshman Matt Firth.
   Students were expecting the day to go worse than it did,  one major change between the middle school and the high school is that the classes are completely different. The curriculum’s different and all the teacher’s are people you’ve never met. According to the new freshmen, the classes are good, but a lot more difficult than expected.
   “The teachers are really nice, they don’t stress you out.” said freshman Heather Borochaner.
   Some of the classes are stressful, but they’re a nice change from the classes in middle school in the way that they focus on more interesting topics and the classes are taken more seriously.
    The upperclassman are always a reason to feel nervous in high school. Freshman Cassidy Smith says: “I feel intimidated and small around them."
    They are older than the freshmen and there are so many of them. This is why many of the freshmen said they had not associated with any of the upperclassman yet, and don’t intend on doing so. The only way the freshmen have made inroads with upperclassmen has been through sports and after school activities. One of the drags about high school is the amount of homework and classwork. The workload is such a big change from middle school that it is almost overwhelming. The freshmen said that there is definitely more homework this year. It is a lot to handle with sports, it is bothersome and there is too much at one time. Although the students do not like the amount of homework, it is helping them understand the material in class more.
   Freshman Victoria Kalinovich has a more positive outlook, “All the homework is pretty relevant. There’s more but it serves its purpose and helps me do well on tests.”
  The freshmen have been in the middle school for three years. Entering high school is a big adjustment. The freshmen said that high school is much better. You aren’t treated like children and there is a lot more freedom. Also the teachers aren’t on your case about everything you do.
   “I like high school better, there’s more freedom and in general everything’s better.” says freshman Hannah Reszka.

     Finally, we wanted to know what the freshmen were looking forward to this year. There are so many more events to partake in and people to meet! The freshmen said they were all looking forward to Homecoming, especially the dance. They were also hoping to make some new friends and to get involved with clubs.
   Freshman Elizabeth Both said: “I’m looking forward to see how I will change over the course of four years.”
   Of course the freshman know the freshman, but what about the upperclassmen? From sophomores to seniors we got some very different answers.When asked how they feel about the new freshman we heard everything from “Annoying!” from the sophomore guys to one of the most common answers from Arian Behpour: “We don’t really know them, but they seem very nice.” So, Class of 2017, get out there and get involved! Let everybody know who you are!
   With one of the biggest grades in New Hope history, in terms of sheer numbers, there is much to anticipate.
If you missed them on the field, the freshman girls brought a lot to the soccer field. Another person to keep an eye out for is the group of freshman girls coming to the basketball court this winter. According to the sophomore and junior players, the freshman girls will be a big boost to both teams!
    What would we do without a little more advice to top of everything we’ve gotten so far?
Freshman, listen up because the upperclassmen have some good stuff: Stay on everyone’s good side, don't make any enemies, do all your homework, and keep your head up. And pay attention to this advice from Aaron Nagg: “Ignore all distractions, especially pressure concerning doing drugs and alcohol.”

    Welcome the class of 2017!

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