Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Shave November

Christian Oliveira
Staff Writer   

With the arrival of November also comes one of the most anticipated holidays for many males (and females) at NHS, No Shave November. November is truly the height of beard and facial hair growing season and both seasoned facial hair growing veterans and rookies will look to participate with one goal in mind, to grow an awesome beard. When asked about what the experience of No Shave November was like, rookie facial hair grower Matt Steele said, “It’s a great experience, even if I can’t grow out the full beard. The whole experience is just fun and I look forward to it every year.”
 The fun of not shaving is not limited to males and facial hair though. At NHS many females are also participating in this holiday. When female No Shave enthusiast Chloe LeMunyan was asked about the female participation in the holiday she replied, “I think that equality matters and women need to step it up to hang with the men. One day I hope I can get to the point where I too, can grow out a beard for No Shave November. I think this ability will come with age. In the meantime though, I have seen many men who drop out of No Shave November after the first two weeks, this shows lack of commitment and enthusiasm.” For both males and females perseverance is key in order to achieve success and the ultimate goal of growing out as much hair in a month as possible.
 Along with being a fun holiday and an opportunity to showcase body hair, No Shave November also teaches life lessons to all those who participate. When asked what the importance of staying dedicated was, long-time No Shave November veteran Frank Covino said, “Hard work and perseverance pays off always. No Shave November teaches life lessons to all those who participate. Quitting is never the answer and each year I look forward to November because of the opportunity to improve myself.” Frank accredits many of the life lessons that he has learned to be directly related to No Shave November.
 Whether you’re growing out your leg hair, a lengthy beard, or are simply experimenting with peach fuzz for the first time, No Shave November is truly a holiday that embraces everyone of all genders. What was first believed to be a male only celebration has changed drastically as females have stepped up their game in recent years, truly proving that you don’t need to be able to grow out facial hair in order to not shave.

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