Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Mr.Nord

Tommy Lupo
Staff Writer
Welcome Mr. Nord to the New Hope Solebury High School faculty! This year has introduced many new faces to the staff, and one of its newest faces is Mr.Nord. Mr.Nord teaches English, but is also eligible to teach Social Studies.
 Last year, Mr.Nord taught English at Klinger Middle School in Centennial School District. Before that, he had taught Social Studies to students from Philadelphia, and taught 11th grade honors Modern United States History for students teaching placement at Pennsbury High School. Mr.Nord’s lifelong goal is to get his own short story published, and he is also a huge film buff. He enjoys Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Carol Reed’s The Third Man, and quite possibly his favorite may be Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.
 Mr. Nord made the switch from long and impersonal halls of a large school district to the intimate and close halls of New Hope. His view on this was “New Hope is a smaller school district, which enables me to get to know more of the students and staff.”  This is great to know as a fellow student, because it means there would be more time of interaction with the teacher helping the student(s). Mr. Nord looks for certain qualities in a student, and some of these traits consist of students respecting each others work, working hard, and believing in themselves.
 One thing that Mr.Nord does not like coming from a student, is when somebody tells him that they are just not a good writer.  “I would like students to have a positive attitude.  All students are capable of becoming good writers when they believe they can do it and they are willing to work at it.” Everybody needs somebody else to help them reach a goal, and the person who helped Mr.Nord along the way was his wife Michelle. “She has always supported my dream to become a teacher.  Everyone needs a positive, encouraging person in their life and I truly believe I could not have made it without her.”
 Mr.Nord dreamed of becoming a teacher his whole life, his career goal has always been to become a teacher or an author.”I am teaching English right now, so it all worked out.” Lastly, when Mr.Nord was asked what inspired him to become a teacher, he replied “I have always wanted to share my enthusiasm for literature and history in a classroom setting.”  

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