Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A report on the end of the first marking period

Madison Walsh
Staff Writer

New beginnings come about all the time. The most recent that New Hope-Solebury students  have faced is the start of a new marking period. When being asked how they felt the first marking period has gone, a wide assortment of responses were collected.
 Jane Doe (whose name is protected for privacy purposes) commented, “I would say [the first marking period] was very stressful, but overall I think I did good.”
 Kate Doe, for one, discussed how she was proud of her performance. “At times [the first marking period] was really hard. There were nights when I wouldn’t sleep because of all the work, but I would power through the agony and stress of it. I’m glad I did, because it made me into a better student than I was before. When I look back on my grades, I know it was from hard work and dedication,” she reported.
 John Doe for one had a different approach. He stated, “I feel like I did okay. I did relatively well, but I feel like I’ve done better in years past. This could be because I’m a senior, but I’d still like to improve upon that in the second marking period.”
 Other than reviewing their in-school performance from the past two months, they also began to dream big and set some goals for the second marking period.
 Jane Doe, after contemplating her performance said, “A goal I definitely have set for myself for the next marking period would be to stop procrastinating so much.”
 Agreeing with Jane, John Doe  stated, “I would like to get my GPA back up to where it used to be.”
 Overall, everyone seems to be looking for improvement to grow as students, whether it be in the classroom or outside of it.  

 To wrap up the first marking period as a whole one can conclude that the first marking period helped the student body gain helpful insight on each individual class’s curriculum. With the chance to find each person’s strengths and weaknesses, it can be agreed upon that this introduction to the 2014-2015 school year is one that will inspire students to be the best they can be going into the second marking period.

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