Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wanna Know Where to Go?

Gabrielle Lehotay and Toni Suler
Staff Writers

With application deadlines closing in, many students are feeling the pressure to find the colleges they want to apply to and send in their applications. With thousands and thousands of universities and liberal arts colleges to pick from, making that final decision can be a stressful and unpleasant experience for anyone. US News released their rankings of the best universities and liberal arts colleges, listing essentials like tuition, location, setting and student body size. The lists, which rank over one hundred schools in each category then proceed to provide readers with an even larger list of unranked schools, which is a massive help to any student feeling the stress of college applications.
As always, the top three universities of the nation are Princeton, ranked number one, Harvard as number two , and Yale coming in as number three. Columbia University had the highest tuition of the top 10 list at over $51,000, while the cheapest of the top 10 was Princeton coming in a little over $41,000. There was tie for fourth between Colombian University, Stanford university, and University of Chicago.  The last four on the top 10 list were Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, and California Institute of Technology.
US News also published their top Liberal Arts colleges. There were ties between 5th and 8th. Fifth place was between Bowdoin College and Pomona College, and eighth place was between the Carleton College, Claremont Mckenna College and Haverford College. Number one was WIlliams College and number two was Ambers College with Swarthmore College coming in third. Wellesley College had the lowest tuition at $45,000 dollars, and the most expensive tuition was at Amherst with the highest at over $48,000.
With college in the minds of many students at New Hope, these lists can be helpful in providing information on where each of the schools they are considering stand. As many important future decisions are made it is critical to see where your favorite school is ranked compared to other universities and colleges in these rankings. The favorites at New Hope are Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, Drexel University, and New York University, and these can all be found on these lists. With this helpful tip in mind, college hunting might just be a little easier for the students here at New Hope Solebury.

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