Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Homecoming Week Features New Ideas with Traditional New Hope Spirit

Katie Tangradi, Lauren Mangano, and Katie Steele
Staff Writers
The 2014 homecoming (hoco) week was full of new events and great participation from the New Hope-Solebury students this year.
 Although students had the Monday of homecoming week off, (thanks to Columbus for founding the greatest country in the world), the rest of the week was full of spirit. Tuesday brought friends together on “we go together day,” where students wore costume-like apparel that somehow matched with a friend. Wednesday was full of comfy and cozy students on pajama day. Thursday looked like a Vineyard Vines advertisement on preppy day. And finally, Friday pumped up the school spirit the most on Blue and Gold Day. Then, during eighth period on Friday, the school had the pep rally, outside for a change, where each sports team was represented,followed with delicious ice cream sandwiches for everyone.
 The excitement did not end at 2:30, though. Friday night had the crowd wearing their New Hope-Solebury apparel to support the football team. At half time the crowd was quite entertained with the announcement of the 2014 homecoming court. Additionally, throughout the game, seniors amped up the crowd by throwing flour in the air and covering the student section in a white cloud.
 Overall, Homecoming Week 2014 was a major success, full of new ideas and lots of spirit.

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