Friday, September 23, 2016

Girls' Lacrosse Travis Manion 5K

Stella Kelley
Staff Writer

On Sunday, Sept. 25, the New Hope-Solebury Girls' Lacrosse Team will be running the Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes Run 5K. Members of the team will also be joined by field hockey and soccer players. The Travis Manion Foundation originated in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and was founded by the Manion family after their son, Travis Manion, was killed while deployed in Iraq.
 Manion attended La Salle High School and was an outstanding student and athlete. His dedication and positivity earned him the Hal Selvey Jr. Memorial Award for Unselfish Dedication and Leadership. After he graduated from La Salle, he went on to attend the United States Naval Academy and finished top of his class at The Basic School. Because of this, he was awarded commission into the Marine Corps. Two years later, Travis was selected as an experienced veteran to become part of a military transition team with 10 other marines that would partner with an Iraqi Army Battalion and deployed again in 2006. On April 29, 2007, 1st Lt. Travis Manion made the ultimate sacrifice in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. While inspecting a suspected insurgent house, Manion and his patrol were ambushed. Manion led the counterattack on enemy forces, and while attempting to draw fire away from his fellow marines he was killed by an enemy sniper. Because of his heroic actions, every other member of his patrol survived.
 When the Travis Manion Foundation began, it held one 5K in Doylestown with only 200 people participating. Currently, TMF holds 9/11 Heroes Run 5K’s nationally. Proceeds of the 5K go to foundations that help families who have lost loved ones, and foundations that assist wounded veterans. This year, a percent of proceeds will also go towards helping local police officers in need.

 If you are interested in running the 5K, you can register online at If you are not a runner but want to donate to the foundation, you can visit the Travis Manion website and donate to the New Hope-Solebury Team.

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