Monday, September 26, 2016

Made In America festival still a big success

Katie Tangradi & Mackenzie Carpenter
Editor/Staff Writer

Philadelphia spent Labor Day weekend hosting 140,000 fans at Jay-Z’s Made In America music festival. Headliners included Rihanna, Coldplay, Bryson Tiller, Chance the Rapper, Martin Garrix and more. Even though the event was sponsored by Budweiser, it attracted all ages. In case you missed it, here is your inside and outside scoop of MIA 2016.
 An anonymous person who did not attended Made In America called it “the most annoying event of the year.” Even though I (Katie)  could not attend the festival, the amount of social media posted made me feel like I was there. Though I was disappointed on the rare occasion when the footage from an act I would have liked to see was not made available to me through Snapchat stories. I was also made aware of several flaws in the festival’s security. There were holes in fences where people who did not purchase tickets were able to sneak in through. Overall, the negative feedback I've heard regarding this festival might only be a result of jealousy. Although the posts on social media were a lot, I can say I do regret not purchasing a ticket because Made in America did seem like a fun time.

 As an attendee at Made in America, I can call it “the best two days of my entire life.”

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