Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Faces in New Hope

Julia Coburn, Kelly Hyland and Taylor Selbst
Staff Writers

A new school year has begun and new students have arrived. These unfamiliar faces have traveled to New Hope from places such as Minnesota, New Jersey, France, and even Israel. According to the new students, the biggest differences between New Hope and their old towns are the trends of winged eyeliner, people's love for Wawa , and the level of difficulty of classes. Each of these new students is a great addition to our classrooms and sports teams, and we are excited to show them all New Hope has to offer.
 We have taken it upon ourselves to provide the new students with a list of what we consider the top five “Just New Hope” things.
 First, when in doubt, Wingdam it out. The Wingdam is located in Lambertville and is a nice place to hangout with friends and enjoy a great view of the river and town.
 Second, we recommend walking around New Hope on a Friday night; it's the best sort of nightlife around. On the first Friday of every month there are fireworks at nine p.m. and will light up your night.
 Third, go out to breakfast at the exclusive breakfast place, Fred's, before a big exam. I suggest the cinnamon bun as they are the best in town.
 Our fourth suggestion is to go to Wawa in the morning to get coffee. Disclaimer: you WILL see every teacher and student from school there.

 Fifth, you should get the apple cider donuts from Solebury Orchards; they are delicious.

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