Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A long wait for a quick charge

Nick Damarodis
Editor in Chief

Nick Damarodis

Imagine being able to charge your phone in 30 seconds. It sounds impossible, but that is exactly what StoreDot, an Israeli technology company, is planning on doing. The company recently posted a video on Youtube that presented a prototype charger that charged a Smartphone to full battery in 30 seconds, an astonishingly fast time.
 StoreDot was originally a company that was involved in Alzheimer’s research, but their latest venture into cellular technology had found much interest amongst techies and everyday smartphone users alike. Taking time to charge a cell phone can be quite a hassle, since the average charge lasts less than one day for heavy users. Also, most phones take around an hour to fully charge, with some taking even more time. While charging is an inconvenience for many, StoreDot is finding a way to make cell phone charging take much less time and make everyone’s day just a little easier.  
 Doron Myersdorf, the CEO of StoreDot, pointed out that amino acids were used in the creation of nanocrystals, which allowed the cell phone to have a lightning fast charge: "These [nanocrystals] have special properties that enable us to use them in various devices, such as a battery."
 This new technology allows for the charging process to go much faster, and can be used in different devices. For StoreDot, however, the focus is the smartphone. With over 150 million Americans alone owning smartphones, the profit potential and marketability of a charger such as this is incredibly high.

 Although there are many benefits to this charger, it is only a prototype right now. Currently, the prototype is too large to fit in a smartphone. Since the technology is still new, it will take time to reduce the size of the charger and keep the strength of the charge that it has right now. Researchers will continue to make the charger smaller in size and when they do a charger that can be added into smartphones will be brought into the marketplace. In roughly two years from now, StoreDot says that the company will have a charger for smartphones ready to sell.

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