Friday, May 16, 2014

Earth Day Everyday

Nicole Wanat
Staff Writer

Tuesday April 22, the Earth was appreciated by fellow New Hope solebury students through various pro-environment choices. When asked what Earth Day means to her,  Alexa Botelho, senior responded with much enthusiasm, “Appreciating one’s relationship with nature, humans, animals, and our surroundings.”
 Livia Elgart, Senior believes that Earth Day should be kept in mind all the time,  “It’s a bunch of garbage! Everyday is Earth Day.”
 Hannah Mui, a sophomore, said her contribution to the Earth would last longer than one day: “I planted purple flowers in my backyard.” She expresses that “It felt so good” to help the environment and have an impact in improving the environment.
 Drew Kalinovich, a senior, explained his part in Earth Day “I carpooled.”  He drove to school with two other friends.
 Maggie Czupich, a junior, emphasized the importance of one’s own relationship with the environment, “Earth Day is everyday. It is about how each person can give back to the environment.”
 Julia Stein, a senior, expressed her love of the environment, “I hugged a tree,” she smiled.
 Catherine Xu, junior took on a leadership role on Earth Day, “I made sure people recycled and did not use plastic water bottles.” When asked how she did so she replied jokingly “I yelled at them”.
 Earth Day is everyday. New Hope Solebury students prove that everyone can give back to the environment with their own  special values they hold.  

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