Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sochi's Snowflake Controversy fools all

Nicole Martin & Katie Steele
Staff Writers

Everyone in the world watched as the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics ended with the last snowflake failing to turn into an Olympic ring.
 Across Facebook, Buzzfeed, Twitter, and other social media sites, a rumor spread that the technician behind this Olympic mishap was found dead in a hotel room with multiple stab wounds. Few questioned the accuracy of this news story, which had approximately 16,000 shares on Facebook. Even the language in this article was unrealistic and would never have been used on a mainstream news site. Still, most did not realize that the article came from a satirical news site called The Daily Currant. After seeing how many people were misled by the article, hopefully more of us will start looking into what we’re hearing.

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