Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don't forget the importance of safety on Halloweeen

Tommy Valletto
Staff Writer
Although Halloween is a fun time to spend running around doing mischief and gathering as much candy as you can hold; however, it cannot be emphasized enough on how important safety is this Halloween. Children especially, have to really take precaution on safety this halloween. Every parent worries about their child either getting in trouble, hurt, or abducted, so we really need to emphasize safety.
To start off, location is key. Young children should be monitored by parents and parents should know where their children are at all times. For prevention of injury make sure that the costume does not drag where you could trip and fall over it. Also, make sure you can see your surroundings if you are wearing a face mask. A common mistake many young kids do is not look both ways when crossing the street. They are so eager to go to the next house that they don't even remember to look when crossing the street. Even sometimes older kids and adults don't even look both ways before crossing the street because they are so distracted when talking to friends. Another major safety precaution is making sure the candy that you receive is fully wrapped up in its original factory sealed wrapper. For kids that do mischief, just remember it is illegal. Although many people are lenient about it you still can get charged for destruction of property, especially if the prank is taken too far.
So when you're out getting candy make sure you remember to be safe and beware of your surroundings. For the people that are contributing to the mischief just try not to make bad decisions and stay out of trouble.

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