Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thoughts on Snapchat Update

Riley Smith
Staff Writer

Throwing up rainbows? Making your face look like a demon? Are these things that you have always wanted to do while taking a picture? Well Snapchat has done this and has completely stepped up the selfie game.
  Last week Snapchat released an update that allows one to take selfies that project a special effect on one’s face.
  Within the first few hours of the new update being released to the public, kids were sending these new and improved selfies to everyone on their contacts list.
  Senior Oren Depp believes the update is “revolutionary” and senior Jonah Slominski can only describe the way it works as “magic.”
  While some people are in complete awe of the update, Junior Alexa Ghiz thinks it is “pointless and annoying.”
  Even though there are some haters, most people love the update.

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