Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Fashion Frenzy

Kelsey Iverson & Talia Wolf
Staff Writers

As fall quickly approaches, we see a dramatic transition in everyone’s fashion statements. As we kiss the sandals goodbye, we witness the transformation into boots beginning to kick in. Boots and cozy sweaters are always a go-to staple for the chillier months. This year, we are expecting to see earthy tones, plaid and skirts. Adding red plaid to our wardrobes this season will add a nice pop of color to balance out the usual black and gray while raising the hemline of our mini skirts is a must this season. Some students seem to disagree.
 Nikia Beavers stated, “If I see someone walking down the hall in a plaid mini skirt, I will tell them to go change, because they look stupid.”
 She may be a minority though here at New Hope. Over the knee boots will spice up the usual basic boot and transform your look into a masterpiece. By taking the usual fall fashion and adding accents from this year's go to looks, you will dominate the fall fashion scene this year at New Hope.
 Many of these styles are generated through inspiring outfits and new trends driven from many diverse forms of social media. For example, the apps Instagram and Twitter, allows generations of app-savvy millennials to follow powerful figures in the fashion industry. Companies such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and publishers like Vogue have accounts to highlight their fashion statements. Individuals can base their outfits on what they come across while scrolling through outfit inspirations and turn it into their everyday looks. Overall, people have the opportunity to explore fall fashion through many different outlets and make it their own. Having these tools can help you be the best dressed in the school. Let’s see what your trendy fall fashion look will be!

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