Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Freshmen Reflect on their First Few Weeks

Jane Weinseimer and Julia Coburn
Staff Writers

Freshmen feel that being unprepared for the school year was not an issue. “Middle school teachers over prepared us and the teachers make it out to be more than it really is,” Ally Mangano said. Freshmen entering high school often expect upperclassmen to be intimidating, but this was not the case.
 “Making friends was easy and social status is not as important anymore,” Nick Fest said. “Everyone does their own thing.”
 Even new students such as Maggie Burmester and Aidan Lear say that they felt very welcome and that the environment is very friendly.
 One of the most prominent concerns in high school is the workload compared to middle school. However Julianna Slominski said“it is the same amount given by [middle school] teachers but it just requires more effort.”
 Regarding getting involved outside the classroom, freshmen could not sign up for sports fast enough, able to take their favorite sports more seriously and meet new people who have the same interests.
 “I met so many upperclassmen through playing football that are some of my really good friends now,” Gavin Grondahl said.
 Although the class of 2019 attended some events in middle school such as Friday night football games, “feeling a part of the student section is a whole different feeling,” Brooke Walsh said.

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