Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thinking Ahead: Fall Fest 2016

Catherine Danhue
Staff Writer
During its second year, Fall Fest proved its success for the second time by raising money for many school clubs which participated in the event. However, many of the volunteers from these clubs have suggestions which they believe could make the event more profitable in 2016.
In 2014, Fall Fest—a fundraising event for many of the clubs and sports teams at New Hope-Solebury including games and food—replaced the Homecoming parade as the event taking place during the day of the Homecoming dance, bringing the community together to welcome students back to school. In 2015, due to inclement weather, Fall Fest was pushed back to October 24th instead of October 3rd, when it was originally scheduled. Despite this delay, Fall Fest remained successful, but students still had suggestions.
Junior Kelly Hyland, who volunteered at the girl’s soccer stand at the event, had nothing but positive comments about the event. “There are so many times that girls’ soccer doesn’t get the same opportunity to fundraise as the boy’s team. Fall Fest is one of the times that we do get this opportunity,” she said.
The classes of 2018 and 2019 were also both excited to be participating in the event, stating that they had earned great amounts of money which they could put towards projects that will be taking place throughout the rest of the year. Girls’ tennis also made a significant amount of money, which will be going to their banquet and coaches’ gifts.
On the other hand, there were some clubs that still had suggestions for the event and believed that it could be improved in the upcoming year.
Bailey Hendricks, President of the Class of 2017, said, “the lack of the volleyball tournament took a toll on our earnings.” Although the Class of 2017 still had their pretzel sale to benefit from, but Bailey said she believed they could have been more lucrative if the volleyball tournament had not been cancelled due to lack of participation, and hopes that the student body is more willing to participate in the volleyball tournament next year to bring it back.
Mask & Zany also had suggestions, such as advertising the event to more than just the school. Members of the club agree that it may be beneficial to advertise to the entire New Hope-Solebury community instead of just students, staff, and parents of the school. These advertisements could be posted in local businesses, sent out in the mail, or spread through word-of-mouth.
Overall, almost everyone agreed that Fall Fest was a fun experience and something they hope will take place again next year. However, there are some suggestions for 2016’s Fall Fest, which could benefit clubs both money-wise and experience-wise.

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