Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Role Models Not Runway Models

Hannah Mui
Fashion Designer Carrie Hammer revolutionized fashion during her New York Fashion Week show. Hammer has taken it to NYFW to empower women and diversify the fashion world. In Hammer’s most recent fashion show in New York she debuted her new line of clothing on role models instead of runway models.
  The role models she chose included CEOs, editors, producers, and directors of various different companies. 21 successful business women walked down the runway, showing off Hammer’s custom fit designs. Women like Kristen Morrissey, the head of business development at Google Fiber, and Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show, are inspiring young girls on and off the runway to pursue their own careers and encouraging fashion.
  Unlike other designers, Hammer embraces difference among the role models she selects for fashion shows. Recently, she was the first designer ever to have a model with down syndrome walk the NYFW runway as well as a model in a wheelchair. Jamie Brewer, 30, an actress on American Horror Story with down syndrome, inspired the audience when she defied social standards by modeling for Carrie Hammer Clothing during NYFW.
  Hammer is also expanding her business to offer a free educational course for people which includes daily business tips from the company’s role models. She is partnering with PopExpert to bring fans and viewers the advice and empowerment needed to be successful in their careers.
  Carrie Hammer is transcending not only the fashion world but also the business world with her passion for fashion.

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